Ricoh enters 3D printing market

13 November 2015

Ricoh has announced the release of its first industrial 3D printer, the Ricoh S5500P AM. It will be presented at the Formnext exhibition (dedicated to additive manufacturing technologies and tools), to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 17 to 20 November 2015.

The Ricoh AM S5500P is a 3D printer designed to be fast for businesses to meet their specific innovation needs in the field of additive manufacturing. This is a printer compatible with PA6 and PP materials, which are extremely important for some manufacturers like those in the automotive sector.
"The launch of the Ricoh AM S5500P forms a landmark in the near 80-year history of Ricoh and it is also a key milestone in the evolution of the additive manufacturing industry. As a company committed to innovation and supporting businesses as they evolve throughout the digital age, we are excited to bring a fresh approach and introduce a powerful new product with comprehensive end-to-end services," said Peter Williams, Executive Vice President of Ricoh Europe.
The machine uses the additive manufacturing process, called SLS.  Better known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is a technique that converts a physical 3D model object by assembling successive layers of the same material. Capable of producing durable high-tech items, this printer can also make different types of parts simultaneously and large parts in one step.
Up to now, ricoh have been selling third-party machines.  To develop the Ricoh AM S5500P, the manufacturer partnered with Aspect, Inc. This innovation allows Ricoh to open up the professional prototyping market. It will be available on the European market for mid-2016.

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