Fuji Xerox and Xerox launch new digital presses

13 March 2015

Further to our news of 17th December about the new Fuji Xerox Color 800i/1000i presses, more details have emerged - and the launch in North America by Xerox and in the Asia/Pacific region and elswhere by Fuji Xerox has been announced. 
Xerox are also launching the new Versant 80 Press in North America. 

The Fuji Xerox Versant 80 Press has a wider set of media options (from 52 to 350 gsm), and its productivity can be enhanced through improved workflow management and an overall capacity of 5900 sheets of 12" by 18" / SRA3 if the high-capacity tray option is included. 
Fuji Xerox are highlighting the wide range of color options including the low-melt toner - offering an offset-like mat finish - all at up to 2400x2400 dpi. 
Productivity features based on the internal or external Fiery Color server can deliver 10-bit depth at 1200x1200
The Color 800i/1000i range replaces the Color 800/1000 which have been on the market for five years.  Whilst productivity and media option remain unchanged, the option for a sixth color including either metallic gold or metallic silver make the new range very special indeed.  The Kodak NEXPRESS can print in gold, and indeed Oki are working on some very special color options including UV - but the gold/silver options for the new Color 800i/1000i range (which still allow for clear toner) are a world first.

Both ranges of machine are available now for installation in April 2015 in North America, though the Versant 80 has been available in A/P for some weeks.

Printer Benchmark : Fuji Xerox and Xerox launch new digital presses

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