Lexmark's new brand

26 June 2015

Some may remember the launch of the current Xerox logo in 2008, when the manufacturer dropped the pixelated X dating from the early days of computing in favor of a new curvaceous and fashionable logo.  In 2012, Kyocera Mita abandoned the memory of their acquisition of the Mita company - which took place at the end of the last century - by renaming themselves Kyocera Document Solutions.

Earlier this year, Lexmark introduced a new visual identity, and we've only just found the time to write about it.  This change is intended to reflect the evolution of the brand and their vision for the future.  Lexmark's objective is to strengthen its business software solutions, which represent 50% of its sales revenue.  With their new corporate branding, Lexmark wants to unify and to strengthen their corporate identity, especially after the numerous acquisitions  of the recent past.
Lexmark started its move into the software market in 2010 with the acquisition of Perceptive Software, a company specializing in enterprise content management (ECM).  More recently, in September 2014, Lexmark bought out the Swedish company ReadSoft, a global leader in document process automation, for 251 million US dollars.  On May 21 this year, Lexmark announced the completion of their acquisition of Kofax - announced three months earlier - for about $1 billion.  This major acquisition doubled the size of the Lexmark Enterprise Software Division, the new name under which these entities are now operating. In total, Lexmark has made ten strategic acquisitions since 2010, showing its commitment to developing its business software applications - and its ability to invest to meet this objective.
Created in 1991 from the printing branch of IBM, Lexmark now recognizes their customers' requirement to have the right information at the right time.  Conveying this message required a new identity, a rebranding exercise to reflect the company's efforts to broaden its catalog of business technology.
The whole idea of ​​the icon, of the new logo is to focus on the concept of openness, the camera diaphragm which draws attention to a specific area of ​​an image with a depth of field, or to clarify and enhance an image. In an interview, marketing vice president Todd Hamblin summed up the approach thus: "As we resolve customer pain points, we’ll also be able to open up the aperture to expand their view of what Lexmark can do for them."

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