Xerox updates its document workflow services

04 May 2015

In a period marked by quite rapid migration of paper-based workflows to electronic systems, workflow automation is the Holy Grail for organizations looking for greater efficiency.  Last week Xerox unveiled changes in its managed print services (MPS) offering that utilize its partnership with Hyland, publisher of the enterprise content management solution OnBase.
This offer is built around the automation of document workflows specific to vertical markets. In its press release, Xerox gives the example of processing loan application forms, in which the solution captures documents or data from various sources (MFPs, mobile equipment, forms or Web applications) and automatically routes them to the Credit Managers following a custom workflow.  External data sources can also be integrated: credit rating agencies, vehicle registration databases vehicles, etc.  Other solutions are available for the health sector (management of electronic patient records) or, in the field of human resources management, integrating new employees. This solution is based on an online 'employee' portal which lets the new starter complete online forms and provide his or her administrative documents electronically.
Xerox Digital Alternatives (see our news of 12 November 2014) is also changing, and is now available from a private Xerox cloud.  Xerox Digital Alternatives allows users to sign, annotate, share, store and read documents from a single interface (iPad mobile device or Windows workstation). Beyond the immediate advantage for users to be able to work in a simple manner on electronic documents from any external source, Xerox is also highlighting the benefits from statistical data on the use of the tool, which can help organizations to plan IT infrastructure developments and improve the efficiency of their work processes.

Printer Benchmark : Xerox updates its document workflow services

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