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Three new A4 MFPs from Toshiba   14 November 2018   

Toshiba America Business Solutions is expanding its e-STUDIO™ family of products with three new multifunction printers with multiple features. This new e-STUDIO A4 package, featuring a monochrome model and two color models, combines next-generation security options with a set of integrated applications intended to meet the needs of SMEs.
The new Toshiba MFPs combine the speed and performance (up to 50 ppm) of larger devices, all in a compact, rugged and durable design. Compatible with virtually any desktop environment, the new trio of multifunction peripherals offer a myriad of solutions to simplify common scanning, copying, printing and faxing tasks even at high volumes.
A Google Drive™ app allows intensive users to scan and print documents directly from leading cloud and online file backup services directly from the MFP's 7-inch front panel. Mobile users can also print remotely using the Google Cloud Print™ app via an Internet browser on the front panel of the e-STUDIO.
Solution Composer is a unique application that enables resellers to create custom workflow applications based on customer-specific business processes. Easy to use, the application, which uses the drag-and-drop system, simplifies the design process and saves time and productivity with rapid deployment.
Toshiba e-STUDIO products offer reliable security features designed for businesses:
A print queuing function, which avoids exposing sensitive or confidential information by delivering the print only to authorized users;
An encryption and cleaning system for the hard disk drive;
Security options based on permissions.
“Toshiba’s latest desktop e-STUDIO line broadens our multifunction printer portfolio with robust A4 color and monochrome products to fully address the document output needs of today’s small to mid-size organizations,”said Bill Melo, Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Marketing Executive.  “The products’ performance and impressive app array will equip today’s businesses with a powerful print fleet while enabling them to operate in a more efficient, secure and affordable manner.”

The latest e-STUDIO products unveiled by Toshiba are now available for purchase from authorized resellers.

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Three new A4 MFPs from Toshiba
14 November 2018

Toshiba America Business Solutions is expanding its e-STUDIO™ family of products with three new multifunction printers with multiple features. T (...)

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