Samsung adds to its ecosystem with its cloud printing solution

22 June 2015

Samsung Cloud Print, the new, free mobile printing app from Samsung, allows remote printing, retrieval of scan output to the mobile device and document sharing.  Users of this cloud-based app - like those who use the Google Cloud Print solution - can print from the office or home, while traveling, or when other computers are not available - anywhere they have a 3G connection.  The advantage of this strategy is that it removes the need to have the mobile device (tablet or phone) on the same network as the printer.

Samsung Cloud Print also lets users store documents online, for printing out later.
According to Samsung, what is unique about this Solution is that there is no loss in quality when files are converted into a print format.  A wide range of file types is supported, so long as they are less than 16MB, which should cover most people's requirements.
The application is convenient and easy to use, thanks to the NFC technology that connects the phone directly to any Samsung printer without having to install a driver.  Users do not need to register to use the application: the phone number also serves as a unique identifier for the purposes of registration.
It is aimed, for the time being, at the self-employed and at SMEs.  However, Samsung already has a version with more advanced security features up its sleeves which it will be rolling out before the end of the year.
Samsung's objective is to provide, during 2016, a complete ecosystem around the display of documents not just on phone or tablet screens but also on smart TV screens, relying on the Samsung Cloud Print solution: a new service called "Display Copy" by the manufacturer.
Samsung Application Cloud Print is now available on Samsung Galaxy Apps, Google Play and AppStore.

Printer Benchmark : Samsung adds to its ecosystem with its cloud printing solution

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