PaperCut starts 2015 with version 15

26 February 2015

PaperCut has announced the launch of version 15.0 of its print accounting and printflow management system. 

The principal new feature of 15.0 is the optional Site Server.  PaperCut installs often cover multiple sites, but this new feature is also intended to help customers with private cloud setups.  It provides local support for Print Release and Find-Me printing during network outages.  So even when the company  network is down or failing, and/or when the access to the internet goes down, business continuity is assured for: user authentication at printing equipment; proper accounting for walk-up usage (copy, scan, fax modes); and pull printing services (which PaperCut call Find-Me Printing).

Other features of 15.0 include:

  • a new look!
  • changes to smooth the upgrade path from PaperCut NG (print accounting only) to PaperCut MF (walk-up usage monitoring and pull printing)
  • performance and scalability improvements
  • increased security (additional encryption for user data)
  • support for RBS WorldPay (not the best day to talk about RBS ...)
  • a series of small bug fixes.
We really like the open-books approach PaperCut Always adopts to large and small releases.  The new features and fixes are too many to detail here (ask us if you need to know more), but any distributor or administrator will always find the answer to their queries in the clear and frank release notes. 

Fair play, PaperCut!

Printer Benchmark : PaperCut starts 2015 with version 15

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