Konica Minolta launch two new color MFPs

24 August 2015

Konica Minolta are updating their office MFP range.  Following the launch of the new-look monochrome bizhubs (bizhub 227, bizhub 287 and bizhub 367 running at 22, 28 and 36ppm respectively) the corresponding color machines are now available worldwide.

The bizhub C308 and bizhub C368 run at 30 and 36ppm, and replace the C284e and C364e.  
Konica Minolta are emphasizing the new machines' ability to fit into new tablet-based office workflows.  The new range have a near-field comms option for pairing NFC-enabled mobile devices, making it even easier for smartphone and tablet users to print to and scan from the copier without having to return to a fixed work station.  PageScope Mobile provides a platform for these functions, and also facilitates connection of mobile devices without the NFC feature.  They also support AirPrint.
The environmental credentials of the new machines - a multiple award winning aspect both close to Konica Minolta's stated corporate aims as well as increasingly significant in sales terms - have been further improved.  The previous generation of bizhubs in this segment drew 1.3W in standby mode, whereas the new range can be set to consume only 0.3W (if no wakeup-on-fax is required).  Maximum power draws about the same, but the TEC values are significantly down on the previous range, by 17% in the case of the C368.  With the increased usage of recycled plastics, Konica Minolta should continue to be the laureates of environmental awards in the months and years to come.
Konica Minolta have retained the white and black look, and much of the highly user-friendly interface from the two previous generations of bizhubs remains too:  the interface has the same look and feel - a tablet style of navigation.  
The new range includes an option for a finger-vein scanner, thus retaining the high-end security fulfilment which Konica Minolta have always delivered.   Finishing and other options remain similar: dual-head scanner is an option, and the same finishes can be achieved.  
The bizhub C224e remains on sale, but will be replaced by a 25ppm SRA3 model towards the end of the year.

Printer Benchmark : Konica Minolta launch two new color MFPs

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