PaperCut MF and NG go to version 16.4

22 December 2016

PaperCut MF and NG are now up to version 16.4.
Four new features are in this new version:
Print jobs are prevented from being sent to a printer that displays an error, should the admin want it so.  This makes life easier for users and reduces the number of pending print jobs.
Customizing dates for report editing have been enhanced.
Improved PaperCut MF Job Purge on Samsung:  a means to manage or just delete print jobs sent to Samsung machines that have hardware problems.
Restricting color copying on Canon devices:  PaperCut MF now allows you to control access to color copies on Canon equipment running the Access Management System (AMS).  Restrictions can be to users or groups thereof.

Printer Benchmark : PaperCut MF and NG go to version 16.4

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