OKI launch fluorescent toner

18 April 2016

OKI has launched a new printer capable of printing in flourescent colors onto a variety of media: the Pro6410 NeonColor.
OKI is bringing new technology to the creative industries. This machine can print visuals with really bright, fluorescent colors for all purposes.  It frees the graphics sector from the limits imposed by the standard CMY (Cyan Magenta Yellow) mix.  
The Pro6410NeonColor can also use "Neon white" toner, which is invisible until UV light falls on it.  It is intended for security and other uses. 
It has a speed of 8 ppm (color onto transparent media) and 34 ppm (onto plain A4 paper) with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi. It can also print banners up to 1.32m (4ft 4") long using paper weights up to 250g / m².  It has a main tray of 300 sheets and a 100-sheet bypass.  The toner capacities are between 4000 and 6000 pages.  From discussions with the development team, we found out that yield has been a substantial issue during development of these fluorecent toners.  
In parallel, the manufacturer is also widening its white-toner LED printer range with two new models: the Pro7411WT (A4) and Pro9420WT (A3).
"These new printers put the print and graphics companies in a position to fully exploit their creative and commercial potential," said Patrick Arnou, General Manager of OKI Benelux.  "At the same time, with the Pro7411WT and Pro9420WT OKI Europe is placing its award-winning and highly innovative white-toner technology directly into the hands of a new category of companies for making small series of presentations, personalized stationery, T-shirts and merchandising items.  This strategy is part of the commitment of OKI Europe to innovation in order to offer its customers new opportunities to increase turnover."
These printers are primarily intended for businesses producing creative designs, such as printshops, advertising agencies and graphic design firms.  
OKI will also be present at the Drupa trade fair in Germany from May 31 to June 10.  Find out more on Your DMO!

Printer Benchmark : OKI launch fluorescent toner

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