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Xerox launches FIVE new apps for mobile users and print security   25 January 2016   

Xerox is firing on all cylinders on mobile printing, a hot subject for all manufacturers at the moment. Five new software solutions were launched by Xerox earlier this year. Many are intended to facilitate printing from mobile devices on any equipment: recent Xerox multifunctions,  less recent ones, and even older equipment from the other brands!
The first was version 3.0 of Xerox Mobile Print Cloud, which is compatible with Xerox MFPs running ConnectKey.  You can print all common file formats (Microsoft Office and PDF) by emailing the documents as attachments to a defined email addie like
In parallel, version 3.6 of Xerox Mobile Print, which is the "on premise" version (installed on site) of the solution above, now supports AirPrint to print from iOS devices.
Also launched recently: the Xerox Wireless Print Adapter, which is connected to the ethernet network slot of any networkable printer, and provides a means to print from android or iOS mobile devices.  It also supports NFC and Wi-fi direct.  
The fourth solution is Xerox PrintSafe, which authenticates walk-up users at the MFP interface.  This product supercedes Xerox Secure Access, bringing compatibility with any card reader that can connect to the MFP.
The fifth and last solution in the list of recent launches is Xerox MobileLink.  This mobile app is not just for printing from mobile devices: it also handles document capture and sharing.  Pairing is set up by means of a 2D barcode (a QR code) on the multifunction panel.  This allows the smartphone or tablet to retrieve scanned documents for distribution by email, via cloud apps (Dropbox, Google Drive, onedrive) or through the SharePoint infrastructure of the organization.
More information about these solutions can be found on DMO.

Datamaster Online (DMO) is a benchmarking portal: competitive information, analyses, evaluations, comparison tools, technical data, product strengths and weaknesses, TCO ... and much more.  An independent test lab.
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