Toshiba launch a whole new fleet of 23 MFPs!

23 May 2016

After several announcements and months of waiting, it is now official: Toshiba is launching its new ranges of photocopiers.  The launch was formalized last week in the US.  They are arriving in Europe over the next few months.  A total of 23 models of MFP are being rolled out:  10 monochrome and 13 color.
This is a very important moment for the manufacturer, as it renews its office hard-copy ranges with completely new machines entirely based on new technologies and features.  In total there are five series, all prefaced e-STUDIO.  The color range is the e-STUDIO 2500AC series (two models), the 5005AC series (5 models) and the 7506AC series (six models).  The monochrome range is made of the e-STUDIO 5008a series (six models) and the 8508A series (four models).
From a design point of view, the change is total. These machines are housed in serious and sober anthracite (very dark grey), and they are sporting 9-inch tablet-style touch-screen interfaces.
From a technical standpoint, Toshiba has designed all these new machines to be efficient, secure and environmentally friendly, leveraging a wealth of technical innovations.  They are are all equipped with a single pass document feeder with a capacity of 300 sheets.  They also include options to scan and print documents to and from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive) and there's an embedded solution for optical character recognition (OCR).
Regarding data security, they all carry the 320 GB self-encrypting hard drives we have seen on ealier models, and Toshiba are highlighting more IPSec compliance than hitherto..
Toshiba have been setting store on their products' environmental credentials, and all the new machines are certified Energy Star Tier 2 and EPEAT Gold, and comply with the RoHS directive.
The hardware architecture is a step up too.  They all get a dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM and there's a new controller/OS in (the Linux-based) "eBridge Next."
We will be testing all five engines in July, and we're looking forward to it.  The previous generations had some (frequently overlooked) great strengths - amazing availability over power consumption, and they were highly usable machines.  
The launch of this new entire generation of MFPs should be seen in the context of Toshiba's large presence in other markets - industrial barcode printers, medical, metal 3D, digital presses - and at Drupa, Toshiba are leading on their inkjet printheads.  Toshiba is a major player in the printing world.
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Printer Benchmark : Toshiba launch a whole new fleet of 23 MFPs!

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