DataMaster lab evaluation of the OKI MC760dn, 760dnfax, 770dnfax and 780dfnfax

07 January 2016

DataMaster has tested and now issued Certificates for the OKI MC760dn, 760dnfax, 770dnfax and 780dfnfax A4 color MFP range.  They have been awarded an excellent 4.5/5 stars by our lab teams.

These machines are economic, and have excellent environmental credentials.  Electrical consumption (and this the electricity bills) are very low.  The toner cartridges have a good capacity too, and this is a component of our analysis of the environmental aspects of a machine.  Frequent cartridge changes cause more transport.  
These machines are also highly productive.  The feeder has a higher capacity than most of the competition in this segment, and the scan speed is among the best in class too.

DataMaster's analyses and assessments are completely independent.  Five-star certificates are extremely rare.  To attain five stars, not only must the equipment under test demonstrate an excellent performance in most categories, but must have no major weakness in any of the evaluation criteria.  

Machines' evaluation certificates and the corresponding rosette badges (as well as those for other machines in the range with the same print engine, plus any rebadged machines sold by other brands) can all be downloaded for FREE from  The radar chart, the detailed results of productivity tests and other comparison tools are available on theDMO website, accessible by subscription.

For more information about our test and evaluation procedures, click here.

Download DataMaster Evaluation Certificates HERE

Printer Benchmark : DataMaster lab evaluation of the OKI MC760dn, 760dnfax, 770dnfax and 780dfnfax

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