The Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP: ecological, economic high performance!

02 June 2017

Toshiba has unveiled its first range of hybrid multifunction printers combining monochrome printing with their erasable toner technology.  The e-STUDIO3508LP, e-STUDIO4508LP and e-STUDIO5008LP combine performance, economy and ecology.
Available on the market in July, the Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP series of MFPs combines two functions for the first time in a single device: classic monochrome printing as well as the Erasable Blue toner.
The printers in this range have the e-BRIDGE Next platform, as well as the latest innovations on the market: a touch-screen interface, task customization and scheduling to optimize workflows, solutions compatibility ...  and to these features are added economic and environmental management.
The e-STUDIO5008LP MFPs can be coupled with the e-STUDIO RD301 as an optional feature, which is a stand-alone device containing a scanner and a fuser-like thermal unit.  This allows you to scan documents into a workable format on the company server, and then the contents of the sheet are erased by a thermal process: the blue ink becomes transparent and the sheet can be used again.
Toshiba's hybrid system saves paper, with each sheet being re-used several times. The environmental impact is also reduced, without sacrificing performance, since all paper types can be used.  The copiers have a reporting tool to easily control the overall paper consumption within the company, as well to monitor the savings made.
The e-STUDIO5008LP series has all the most important eco-labels and conforms to other international energy and environmental standards for electronic and computer equipment (EPEAT, Energy Star, Blue Angel). Toshiba wants to focus on its eco-friendly positioning, structured around three fundamentals: green products, green processes and green management. A concrete solution to help companies reduce their carbon footprint!

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 3508LP
Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508LP
Toshiba e-STUDIO 5008LP
Printer Benchmark : The Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP: ecological, economic high performance!

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