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Konica Minolta launch a new version of the Bizhub Marketplace   06 February 2017   

In January 2017, Konica Minolta launched a new and improved version of the Bizhub MarketPlace platform aimed at the global market.
Launched by Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA and Konica Minolta Europe it now covers 35 countries, including Canada.  The Bizhub MarketPlace Platform offers a variety of productive applications which run from the interfaces of compatible Konica Minolta MFPs to quickly and easily improve the functionality of multifunction printers and meet the needs of businesses.
Hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, the Bizhub MarketPlace is designed to power online stores in the global marketplace. Each country can now take advantage of all the advantages of the Bizhub MarketPlace with total customization options to meet the specific needs of their national markets.
At CeBIT last year we were treated to an MFP which made coffee.  The icon of a cup of expresso on the C458's interface hid a workflow linked to the bar.  So Konica Minolta Germany were able to answer the age-old question posed to purveyors of complex devices, "does it make coffee too?" in the affirmative.  Surely a copier-world first, and testament to the customization options of the bizhub Marketplace.
The Bizhub MarketPlace platform provides quick and easy access to secure configuration and a wealth of useful short-cut apps. It makes it easy to connect both ways to services such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint. In addition, applications for communication, printing of paper templates (blank forms) or even RSS feeds are also available. In addition, MFPs can also be managed centrally via the Bizhub MarketPlace site.
The full range of applications can be found at:
"With the industry- leading and award-winning global bizhub MarketPlace, our clients are able to tailor the MFP and its functionality to meet their exact business needs, from completely changing the MFP’s User Interface, to installing apps and connectors – all from an easy-to-use ecosystem that now leverages solutions and services in the global market," says Manuel Couceiro, Director of Konica Minolta’s Solutions Engineering Center.
The Bizhub MarketPlace platform also offers users full customization of their MFPs by allowing customers to create and install interfaces with the unique characteristics of their companies and their market. In much the same way as updates can be run automatically, user interfaces can also be deployed remotely.
By adapting the multifunction to the user's needs and not vice versa, the MarketPlace platform offers benefits to businesses of all sizes.

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