Saturday 19 October 2019
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DataMaster Lab is full of machines that we're testing for you   29 November 2017   

Our independence from the manufacturers is key to our success. 

So we have been delighted to work with two new test partners, who provide us with test machines. 
So we have all the new Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Xerox ranges and we are free to say what we think about them all! 

   We have just taken delivery of Brother, Epson and HP machines.  One of the new Lexmark A3 machines is on its way.  Watch this space!

The growth of the A4 "intelligent" MFP market (toner and inkjet machines) led us to define a specific set of tests and an evaluation strategy putting A4 machines at the heart of our analyses.  As well as highlighting aspects relevant to the the A4 MFP market, you can compare them to A3 MFPs' results in similar tests.

The top evaluation axis is a machine's Usability.  Ease of use may be in the eye of the beholder, but no-one better than our experienced test engineers to give a measured opinion.  Productivity, print quality, features and functions, flexibility and the machine's overall environmental impact are also assessed.  These criteria form part of the DataMaster analysis and evaluation program. 

DataMaster's analyses and assessments are completely independent.  Five-star certificates are extremely rare.  To attain five stars, not only must the equipment under test demonstrate an excellent performance in most categories, but must have no major weakness in any of the evaluation criteria. 
The evaluation certificates and the corresponding rosettes will soon be available for download from Your DMO portal under the Test Lab tab. The radar graph, detailed results of productivity tests and other comparison tools are available on DMO too.

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Datamaster Online (DMO) is a benchmarking portal: competitive information, analyses, evaluations, comparison tools, technical data, product strengths and weaknesses, TCO ... and much more.  An independent test lab.
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