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25 August 2017

The latest Quocirca Print Security Report just came out.

Most copier sales people and non-IT printer buyers don't have time to wade through print security white papers.

So here's the deal:

Almost all data theft through the office printer or copier is due to printouts being taken from the output tray.
This is either because they were deliberately stolen with malice aforethought, or because they got left there and an opportunist took them.
Both these concerns are addressed by installing software which forces people to authenticate themselves at the machine before their print jobs run.
All this is getting easier and cheaper to put in place and to use.
You should do it. You will save yourself money by reducing wasted prints too.

Faxing or emailing sensitive documents
Authentication and tracking sorts this out too.

Hacking the network and finding images on the copier's hard disk
This is a real concern for organizations that scan a lot of personal data, like hospitals, banks and government public offices.
However, if someone hacks into the network, they are more likely to head for the accounts department, or some other juicy source.
The copier is only a target when the organization makes it an easy target - by putting it on the same network as the wireless network for visitors use, for example.
This is really dumb. Do not do this.
If needs must, get a copier which encrypts such data and wipe it regularly. Many brands make this really easy to do.

There is a lot more to this subject, and we can help you with an decisions you may need to take. Larger organizations have to take a deeper view. This short article is not aimed at them.

We're totally independent of hardware and software vendors, so we're objective. DataMaster Online from offers full comparisons of copiers and print accounting and print security software. Get in touch!

Printer Benchmark : Easy Print Security Guide

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