Samsung launches Printing App Center 2.0

04 May 2017

Samsung has unveiled Printing App Center 2.0, the new version of its platform of applications dedicated to printing.
The Printing App Center is a website created by Samsung.  It is intended for users of the Smart UX Center, an Android-based ecosystem that enhances the day-to-day use of printers and MFPs thanks to its smartphone-like interface.  The Printing App Center allows users to download widgets and applications dedicated to print jobs, allowing customization of printing systems as required.
"Our main goal with this new release is to support the application market for our resellers.  We have sought to facilitate exchanges between resellers, internal developers and developers of third-party applications - and users," said Gilles Abry, Director of the Print Division of Samsung Electronics France.
Printing App Center 2.0 includes several features that help users to better organize their applications and to work in direct contact with developers. These include:
 - My Catalog, a feature that allows the reseller to build up a library of customer recommendations for applications and widgets, in order to create a software catalog adapted to the needs of their specific customers.
 - Smart Café, a communication platform allowing exchange between Samsung resellers, developers and end customers. Resellers and users send their queries to developers and receive adapted solutions more qiuickly as a result.
 - Interactive Verification & Validation (V & V), a page that allows developers to check the status of their applications during the V & V testing process.  This information allows developers to monitor the conditions of use of registered applications.
Other features such as search filters have also been added to enhance the user experience.

Printer Benchmark : Samsung launches Printing App Center 2.0

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