Xerox Launches 29 Printers and MFPs supporting ConnectKey 2017: VersaLink and AltaLink

31 March 2017

VersaLink and AltaLink: two new print engines developed by Xerox which supportthe ConnectKey 2017 ecosystem.
These new ranges, consisting of 29 machines, offer the latest in mobile mobility, connectivity to cloud services and applications to increase user productivity while guaranteeing a high level of security.
The VersaLink range, designed for smaller workgroups and mobile teams, includes 19 printers and MFPs. The AltaLink range consists of 10 MFPs for larger workgroups.
"We understand the changes that are occurring in the workplace," said Jeff Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer of Xerox. "The process of getting work done has moved from the desktop to your pocket. It’s very personal, and we’ve built a portfolio of true workplace assistants tightly connected to the mobile and cloud technology environment that accommodates this evolution."
At present, the information disclosed by Xerox relates more to the intelligent aspect of these machines, based on the ConnectKey ecosystem, than to their technical characteristics.
Xerox are highlighting, among other things:
- Embedded applications accessible from the system interface (from the Xerox App Gallery) enabling users to create workflows appropriate to their business processes. This applies, for example, to the management of patient records in a health center, and to the administration of invoices or real estate contracts.
- A new customizable and tactile user interface.
- Wireless connectivity and compatibility with cloud and mobile environments such as DropBox, Office 365, Google Drive and OneDrive.
- Enhanced security with ConnectKey technology, which makes it possible to secure messages and confidential information with encryption and overwriting functions, to prevent unauthorized access attempts and to protect data from malicious attacks . To do this, Xerox worked with McAfee and Cisco to enhance the security of AltaLink multifunction printers.
The commercialization of the VersaLink and AltaLink ranges is planned for the second quarter of 2017.
The presentation and all the necessary information on these machines will soon be available on the DataMaster Online benchmark portal.

Printer Benchmark : Xerox Launches 29 Printers and MFPs supporting   ConnectKey 2017: VersaLink and AltaLink

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