DataMaster Labs tests show you what's beyond the specs

27 September 2017

MFP manufacturers do NOT tell you everything  
- but we do. 
  • Double-sided printing, for example - almost no one publishes the real speed when the machine is printing both sides!  There are HUGE differences between machines A3/Ledger duplex speeds - which almost NONE of the manufacturers publish ... (ever wondered why that is?)
    Is saving the environment supposed to hurt?
  • Some machines print really, really slowly in automatic color mode too.
    Is saving toner supposed to hurt?
  • How about when lots of people are sending to the same machine?  
    Lots of machines - even brand new, high-end models - lose 30% of their speed! 
    Then again, many do not.  
    ... But no one but us measures this.
  • Plus, in our experience, even a warmed-up machine takes a lot longer to print a single or first page than the manufacturers say.
  • Scan filesizes - here again, there are HUGE differences between machines.  Some scan to files just 15% of the size of the average ouput file.  
    But some produce pdfs that are over FIVE times bigger than the average.

That's why we test this stuff:
Sales people really need to know it.  

And so far as we know, no one else tells it how it is.
Unlike some, we do not get paid to test MFPs and printers, nor for our Certificates 
- so only DataMaster Labs give you the full picture.
Not all our subscribers need to see the full results of our independent laboratory tests.  
But everyone likes to see how well their machines perform, and how badly the competitors fare.
So we have developed a neat summary, which is displayed at the top of each of all our test pages.
We have included our tests as far back as 2010 - so you can compare new and old machines.
We have also added in the file output sizes in four real-world scan scenarios, to help you work out how much hard disk space you'll need to scan your paper archives.  
So - document capture professionals, please take note!
We Test So you Can Tell the difference!


Printer Benchmark : DataMaster Labs tests show you what's beyond the specs

DMO in under 2 minutes

DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.
From machines to software products we analyze, test and evaluate features and functions, usability, security, productivity, connectivity, flexibility, compatibility, and much more - all in real-world, business scenarios and in the context of this rapidly evolving market.
Totally independent, we provide you with an objective and critical view.

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