Toshiba France launch the hybrid MFP

11 September 2017

The Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP, e-STUDIO4508LP and e-STUDIO5008LP which we announced last June have arrived on French soil.  To underline the impact of the revolutionary technologies that make this Toshiba range unique, the manufacturer set up an event on September 7th, to which we were invited.
The event involved (champagne, of course, and) a streamed interview by a moderator with Jean-Igor Mailfait, CEO of Toshiba TFIS, and the product manager Enzo Gomez, who answered questions about this new range.  The graphics were great, and perhaps more important than usual in that they conveyed well just what this new technology is capable of.
Print, then erase up to 5 times, on normal paper: the blue, erasable Toshiba toner saves paper and lets you make mistakes. Pens using inks with similar properties are available, so you can write on a sheet (annotations, or fill in a form) and still cook the paper clean just by putting it in the copier paper tray.

This feature, together with intelligent paper handling and energy standards in line with the latest environmental recommendations, makes these machines more environmentally friendly and helps to reduce companies' carbon footprints.
Slightly disappointing that the novel RD30 device (which scans content and cooks the paper clean in a single pass) has not taken off, and is being removed from the Toshiba France portfolio: they are only going to sell the hybrid series MFP (which does have a very impressive scanner). 

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 5008LP
Printer Benchmark : Toshiba France launch the hybrid MFP

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