Canon announce the launch of the new version of Therefore™

30 May 2014

Launched offically on May 15 in Europe,  the 2014 version of Canon's document management Solution, Therefore™ was launched on May 22 by Canon USA

The 2014 version has several new features.  Firstly, Therefore™ 2014 allows users to manage and to organize files and groups of files by linking them up ("Case Management").

Users of this new version can also create new Microsoft Office documents from existing Therefore™ documents by means of Microsoft® Office templates.  This feature eliminates a step and thus reduces errors.

The mobile version of Therefore™ 2014 has been improved.  Users can now take photographs, cateorize then, index them and save them directly into Therefore™. 
The "Case management" feature allows users to search for and find, and modify and join workflows on their mobile device.  Therefore™ 2014, already available for iOS and Android, is now available for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Windows RT.

It is also now possible to annotate PDF files, to add a visual signature and to sign them digiatally thereby enhancing the security aspects of the Solution.

Therefore's™ Universal Connector has been improved, and allows Therefore to be integrated into many Windows apps without additional coding.  Therefore 2014's Universal Connector means integration with many web-based apps is now possible too - for example, with

Another new feature of Therefore™ 2014 is the improved management of larger multimedia files.  Users can view a video with Therefore™ Viewer preview miniatures to identify them.  Large files can be configured by an administrator to only be saved for Therefore™ thus reducing memory usage.

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