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03 January 2014

Who will be the first to print from their smart watch?

Will 2014 be mobile printing year ?    Every brand already has features in place to support mobile printing, but it is still not as easy as it should be to print from a phone or tablet. 
IT Managers used to ban personal devices from the network, but since the boss got an iPad for Christmas 2011 we have been in the BYOD paragidm. 
Through 2012 and 2013 we have seen via-Cloud options explode, and even-higher-tech solutions like near-field.  Perhaps 2014 will see one strategy surpass the others to allow the most printing options for the widest set of print jobs from the greatest number of different mobile devices.  Chances are that the huge investments in the Cloud will mean the winner will be an internet connection strategy, rather than a solution based on a direct BYOD-to-printer system.  Then again joint ventures between manufacturers (e.g. HP and Samsung) to allow direct printing may win out.

2014 might well be 3D year too.  3D printing has a foothold in many sectors these days, and 2013 has been the year big business (manufacturing) has been able to take the technology seriously, as 3D  printing of metallic products has become reliable.  So far it has been quite niche (car and plane components, devices for medical and dental uses, and jewellery – quite big niches!), and it certainly is no longer a gimmick.  HP are set to launch in the 3D market in 2014, Konica Minolta have partnered with one of the leading manufacturers, and another 3D printer manufacturer has bought a stake in XeroxNASA are launching a 3D printer in 2014 too ... up to the International Space Station! 

2014 will be DataMaster’s year too!  Our global strategy has been in place for some months, and usership of DMO worldwide is taking off nicely.  Our evaluation certificates have proved very popular.  The ease of use of DMO and the fact that its design allows us to tailor it to clients’ needs – and the fact that we run in 5 languages (more in 2014) give us the ideal platform.  We will be pursuing this strategy in 2014.  New features will include machines and Solutions analyses by vertical, more tools to save sales teams time and extending our databases into two new market segments. 

We thank you for your interest, support and trust in 2013, and look forward to accompanying you to success in 2014!

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