Nuance launches eCopy ShareScan 5.2

14 February 2014

eCopy ShareScan is the market leader in document capture middleware.  As opposed to a document management app, document capture systems do not store documents, but can dramatically increase productivity and reactivity in a business but allowing users to index scan output right on the screen of the copier, processing forms by zonal OCR and routing documents and information found on paper to just about any destination - a database, an email address or any number of company management systems.

The forte of eCopy - who first brought this kind of system to market - has always been the breadth of MFP compatibility, the richness of the processing options, and the number of widely varying company systems they can bring paper-bound data to at the touch of the MFP's green button.

Version 5.2 brings a few enhancements to this powerful portfolio.  Most of these turn on the enhancements to the Watching Service.

Managing input from "hot folders" has been lacking in eCopy compared to their competitors hitherto.  Nuance has now improved the reach of this business workflow automation to include input from hot folders and email addresses. 
This means defined workflows can launch just by dropping a file (most formats supported, and read) into a folder on the network or by sending eCopy an email!
Nuance are highlighting that this improved Watching Service's ability to receive email input allows more workflow input to start from tablets and smartphones.

Since Nuance has a variety of other products in the document processing field (PDF Converter and Omnipage OCR to name but two), they are able to bundle conversion from scan output (TIFF or PDF) to MS.Office format in eCopy ShareScan 5.2.

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