New features added to the Konica-Minolta Komibox

28 September 2010

Launched last year by Konica-Minolta, the KOMIbox is a small (Linux) applications server, connected to the internet, using OpenAPI to interact with a multi-function peripheral and to send it applications and features remotely.  Remember that the (bEST) OpenAPI layer is present on all Konica-Minolta's MFPs in the Bizhub range.

A catalogue of solid applications is available to users, and billing is calculated on the basis of comsumption, based on UPPLI (Units of aPPLIcations), a bit like a pay-as-you-go phone card.  Konica-Minolta are continually adding to their catalogue of on-line applications. 

The applications delivered with the KOMIbox to date include services such as:

  • secretarial help with answerphone and centralized diaries;
  • access to a centralized library of documents for business colleagues to share inormation;
  • SMS texting (in partnership with Orange);
  • printing of routes and maps (in partnership with ViaMichelin); and
  • instant news access (in partnership with Les Echos)
Since September 2010, the box has had two new features:

1 - Graphics Plan application

The graphics table application allows small- and medium-sized businesses to benefit from a special low tariff when the level of color usage is less than 6%.
This tariff implies therefore three price levels:  this is a pricing strategy already well known in the Xerox ColorCube and the HP EdgeLine range.  Customers with a KOMIbox will therefore be able to print headed paper and follow-on sheets carrying their company logo in color much more cheaply than before.
Update:  This tariff will however only apply to a restricted number of document templates pre-set in the Komibox.  The customer will therefore probably not be able to benefit from this intermediate tariff for all documents.

2 - KOMIfax application

As regards the KOMIfax application, this allows SMEs to use their Konica-Minolta MFPs as fax machines without either a fax card or a fax line.

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