Three new series from Toshiba!

06 September 2018

A whole range of new multifunctions adapted to current needs, particularly as regards data security and respect for the environment, are being launched by Toshiba this month.

Seven color and six monochrome machines: Toshiba is launching three new e-STUDIO ranges - copiers designed to match as closely as possible the requirements and expectations of today's businesses.
Their strengths? The extreme personalization of the user interface, made possible by the Elevate™ system which provides for the specific requirements of each customer. 
On the technical side, the three ranges offer output speeds of up to 50 ppm. Their multi-core Intel® Atom™ processor provides the latest generation of protection: the Hard Copy Protection Profile (HCD-PP), the latest security certification adopted by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and Common Criteria Test Laboratories - a new and particularly rigorous standard for document security: copying, scanning, faxing, printing ... In addition, the new e-STUDIO ranges enable authentication via NFC, which allows users of mobile devices (including Android) to connect securely.
The other highlight of Toshiba's new releases this fall is their compliance with the standards of the best environmental protection programs: EPEAT® Gold, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and ENERGY STAR®.
At the US launch of the new e-STUDIO2510AC series (two models), e-STUDIO5015AC (five models) and e-STUDIO5018A (monochrome, six models), Bill Melo, marketing director of Toshiba America Business Solutions, said: "Toshiba’s newest product offering reflects our continued commitment to provide organizations with the industry’s most secure and feature-rich multifunction printers to efficiently, effectively and affordably handle today’s document printing and workflow applications.  These new MFPs are the most secure, customizable and planet-friendly devices that we’ve ever delivered."

Printer Benchmark : Three new series from Toshiba!

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