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04 April 2018

We are very pleased to announce yet another development in DataMaster Online!
We have made comparing machines even easier.
One of the things DMO subscribers prefer over BLI is how easy DMO is to use. 
We have always focussed on making it easy.

A key difference is that all machines, and all solutions, have their own Product Page on DMO
It's easy to find products, and each has its page - from which you can see all the documents, reports, sales arguments - and launch comparisons.
You only have to search once!

Well now ALL our comparisons tools are run from the same basket.

  1. Just type in a bit of a product reference in the Quick Search - 4052, 3004, 1234, whatever.
  2. Click the  Compare  button in the Results list next to each machine you're interested in.
  3. The machines (or Solutions) appear in the Comparisons Basket.
  4. Then just click on the Comparison you want to run:
  • Technical (Standard, Pro, Smart and Winner)
  • Arguments (positive and negative, Principal Arguments, by section ...)
  • Productivity (print, copy, scan, output file size etc)
  • Quality (print, office quality)
  • Radar (6 or 9-axis charts summarising ALL our data)
  • Videos (from the test lab, and curated videos)
Watch out for the new Radar Charts section - that's up next!  Watch this space!

DMO in under 2 minutes

DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.
From machines to software products we analyze, test and evaluate features and functions, usability, security, productivity, connectivity, flexibility, compatibility, and much more - all in real-world, business scenarios and in the context of this rapidly evolving market.
Totally independent, we provide you with an objective and critical view.

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