DATAMASTER signs up a partner in the USA

07 June 2011

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Industry Analysts, Inc. of Rochester, NY, USA who are already marketing access to DMO, our on-line database of over 1,200 machines.  This database is dedicated to helping printing professionals (distributors, consultants and manufacturers). 

Already widely distributed in Europe, DMO will now be distributed by Industry Analysts in the USA, Canada and Mexico.  This gives an alternative source of information to the American public.  They have already shown a high level of interest in the DMO product, particularly in its ready-to-use sales arguments and the machine productivity tests regularly put on line by our technical department.

Available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian) and adapted for different zones (EMEA, America, Asia), the DMO Web and DMO Mobile spaces are used by everyone who needs access to information on printing equipment which is sold all over the world.

Our expertise allows us to offer our customers technical data, sales arguments (positive and negative), test results (from real-world test scenarios), photo and video slideshows, sales support aids - all in a totally neutral context.

Our strengths: our knowledge of the market, our thorough understanding of the territory, our objectivity, and the depth of the information available.

What we do: fulfill the needs of our customers by giving them useful, neutral* tools and data in line with their business aims;  and by sharing our skills, knowledge     and experience, we save our customers time.

Our partnership with Industry Analysts Inc. will allow both our companies to develop innovative projects together.  We share the technical expertise, and we will pool our knowledge of the office equipment markets on each side of the Atlantic, and the world.

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DMO in under 2 minutes

DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.
From machines to software products we analyze, test and evaluate features and functions, usability, security, productivity, connectivity, flexibility, compatibility, and much more - all in real-world, business scenarios and in the context of this rapidly evolving market.
Totally independent, we provide you with an objective and critical view.

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