Sharp release OSA 4.0

21 March 2011

Timed and engineered to fit with the launch of the revolutionary GUI on the new Sharp MFPs, Sharp released the software development kit for OSA 4.0 on 14th March.

Sharp has doubled the number of APIs (now including copy and fax), and have focused on delivering a platform to support cloud-based apps of all kinds.   Cloud computing and solutions based on internet-based services have sky rocketed … but Sharp are pointing to the specific advantages for the reseller community and associated development teams:  there are huge opportunities for resellers to add value here, providing unprecedented solutions for their customers.   Another plus is that with OSA 4.0, the MFP itself can host many more cloud apps – making it easier and cheaper  to utilize them.

Other features include:

  • Offline support for when the network goes down
  • Transparent authentication – only log in once and all apps are open
  • More user quota options
  • Preview and edit features for scans

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