HP drops PageWide - and Epson reaffirms commitment to inkjet

30 August 2021

In recent years Epson have brought their cold-printing PrecisionCore printhead technology to the office photocopier market.  However, HP Inc announced in July this year that they are pulling out of the business inkjet space, citing improvements in their laser ranges particularly in terms of electrical consumption - following their acquisition of Samsung Print Solutions in 2016.  Newer HP laser devices still use almost as much when running, but much less when they're on standby, or in "ready" mode, than HP models from ten years ago did.  
HP PageWide is an inkjet printing process, but it involves heat, to dry the printed sheets.  Canon's office A3 inkjet machines' technology also uses quite a lot of power, for an inkjet, for the same reason.
One of the advantages of Epson's versatile PrecisionCore technology is that it runs completely cold.  The Epson 100 page per minute WF-C21000 SRA3 departmental photoçopier consumes about the same as an HP laser A4 at 25 ppm - and less than half the electrical power that an A3 PageWide like the P77960dn does.
In short, HP's departure from the business inkjet space is very good news for Epson.  
In recent weeks Epson have reaffirmed their commitment to inkjet, to PrecisionCore, and to their dealers.  
Epson sites are carrying the message "With HP retracting from the only business print segment to see growth over recent years, Epson views the move as highly advantageous to its own growth potential, and that of its channel partners. Remaining committed to its indirect sales model, Epson is reassuring its partners that it will not be making a similar switch back to laser technology or changing its technology portfolio."
Rob Clark, Senior Vice-President of Epson Europe said, “Our award-winning inkjet technology is not the same as HP’s and while they have withdrawn from the business inkjet market in favour of laser, we will continue to support the advantages offered by our proprietary PrecisionCore heat-free technology. HP’s withdrawal from the market is of huge advantage to us and offers growth potential for both Epson and our channel partners.
HP’s withdrawal from the business inkjet market would indicate that their technology is not viable in this market. We however remain 100% confident and committed to our PrecisionCore heat-free technology, and to our channel partners.” 

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Printer Benchmark : HP drops PageWide - and Epson reaffirms commitment to inkjet

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