New A3 color copiers from the manufacturer formerly known as FujiXerox

20 April 2021

Fujifilm have launched a new range of color multifunctions.

Hitherto, these would have automatically become the latest series of Xerox color copiers. They still might.  For now, they are targeting the Japanese office market, which Fujifilm dominates.

The Fujifilm Apeos C6570, C6580, C7070, C7580 and C8180 run at speeds up to 65-81 ppm onto A4 (the first two digits of the model reference specify their A4 speeds), and have total paper capacities of over 7000 sheets. The C2570, C3070, C3570, C4570 and C5570 can hold nearly 6000 sheets.

The other specs are similar to Altalink 81 series machines. They can all handle wide A3, 300 gsm paper, print at 1200 x 2400 dpi, carry 4GB of RAM and a 128 GB document store, and there is a Fiery RIP as an option. They have the same finishing options as Altalink 81 series machines, including a booklet maker, internal and external staplers, or a hole punch.

By leaving the FujiXerox partnership, Xerox have bought themselves the right to choose whether to go with these new machines, stick with what they have, or indeed to go with another manufacturer.

Check out the full specifications of these machines on your DataMaster Online very soon!

Printer Benchmark : New A3 color copiers from the manufacturer formerly known as FujiXerox

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