Xerox launch a new ranges of VersaLink A3 copiers

25 March 2022

Details of the new Xerox VersaLink range of copiers are available already on our sales-enablement site DataMaster Online.
The new range have identical monthly volumes and lifetimes.  There are two key differences with the new ranges:
  • Faster response times
  • Much improved document feeders
There are three colour machines, and three monochromes – straightforwardly replacing the existing VersaLink series’ 70 with 71.  They are all manufactured by Fujifilm.  The 20ppm Xerox VersaLink C7120 replaces the VersaLink C7020, and there are 25 and 30 page-per-minute models too:  VersaLinks C7125 and C7130.  For the monochrome machines, the same speed range is available, 25, 30 and 35ppm up to the VersaLink B7135.

Warm-up times, first copy and first print times faster.  Warm-up time is still 60 seconds, a long time compared to competing machines.  Specified times for first copy and first print are improved.

The main difference is the document feeder.  The new entry-level Xerox machines now have a higher-capacity, single-pass document feeder.  They can hold 130 sheets of paper, and read double-sided sheets at 80 images per minute.

Come and check these new machines out against the ones they replace and against their competitors on Your DMO.

See the product pages and other documents  
Xerox VersaLink C7120CertificateRosette
Xerox VersaLink C7125CertificateRosette
Xerox VersaLink C7130CertificateRosette
Printer Benchmark : Xerox launch a new ranges of VersaLink A3 copiers

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