Which scanners make the best pdfs?

09 March 2022

Which scanners waste the most time? 
(Hint: this has almost nothing to do with their speed!)
What are the best settings for scanning documents efficiently - and cost-effectively - to the cloud?
Which scanners are best for document management?
Users of our sales-enablement service DataMaster Online may notice that we have added a lot of new data in recent weeks.
Our independent lab test tools for measuring productivity on copiers and digital presses have proven perfect for measuring scanner productivity.  
With scanners, we have found out that there are massive differences in the time it takes to process images, OCRing and compressing files.  No one knew - not even the brands that do it best!  The same job can take a few seconds, or a couple of minutes!
Scan quality varies a lot too.  So does the size of files that are produced during scanning.  Even a simple standard scan job in black at 300 dpi can be 3 times bigger on one machine than on another.
File size costs money.  We all pay for space on the cloud.  So there is a real total cost of ownership aspect to file size.
On the other hand, scanning grey or colour scans to compressed pdf can reduce the quality - sometimes even beyond usable.  Again, some manufacturers do this so much better than others.
DMO scan quality results now show up to 5 stars for image quality, and 5 weights to show file size.
We do the same tests on MFP scanners.  You can compare results from scanners and MFPs, side by side.
Our 2022 Awards are coming out soon - and there is a new one for scan quality against file size - for the brands that do it best.
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Printer Benchmark : Which scanners make the best pdfs?

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