Sharp launch new range of A3 copiers with lower electrical consumption

22 February 2022

We've added the new range of Sharp A3 copiers to our DataMaster Online database, and it didn't take long.  
The Sharp MX-3071S, MX-3571S and MX-4071S are exactly the same as the MX-3071, MX-3571 and MX-4071 that they replace, but with an "S."  Same machines, same components, same consumables, same options - but new firmware - bringing electrical consumption down by 18% when running and 10% in standby.  That is quite a big reduction.  
The preceding generation got 4/5 stars from our independent lab.  We almost never give five stars: four is pretty good.
Print quality was good, and scan quality was very good - with small output file sizes too, on the whole.
Great productivity too - especially onto A3 where they run at up to 23% FASTER than Sharp said when printing double sided.  We wondered at the time whether this was a firmware bug.  
However, they did run slow in Workgroup mode - they lose speed when they have multiple jobs in the print queue.  Overall they got 80/100 points in this test, against a segment average of 92.  
We'll let you know whether the new firmware fixes these issues when we test the S series.
Check out all the specifications for these machines on your DataMaster Online!

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Sharp MX-3071S
Sharp MX-3571S
Sharp MX-4071S
Printer Benchmark : Sharp launch new range of A3 copiers with lower electrical consumption

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