PaperCut Solves Print Queue Deployment with New Release 19.1

02 September 2019

PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG version 19.1, released in August 2019, introduces Print Deploy, a feature that markedly simplifies print queue deployment.
Print Deploy gets the right print driver and the right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically. In doing so, it effectively solves the notoriously difficult task of deploying print queues.
We’re focused on making complex things simple,” says PaperCut Product Manager, Willem Groenewald, “and when we looked at the print enablement space – actually setting users up with the correct print queues – we realised there was a huge gap in the industry”.
The gap Willem refers to is best illustrated by reviewing how print queues and drivers are currently deployed by organizations to their users.
There are a lot of pain points we’re solving with Print Deploy,” Willem continues. “Complexity in managed-device environments has made deploying drivers and queues really painful for IT.”
The pain points Willem refers to include:
  • mobile staff expecting printing to just work when they arrive at a new branch, site, campus, or store
  • distributed sites not having print server infrastructure
  • computers not being joined to a local domain
  • staff using different computers and operating systems – be they Windows laptops, Mac Books, Chromebooks, and so on – further complicating driver deployment.
Before today, Willem says, “System admins would have to resort to an onerous and costly workaround to manage multi-site mobile organizations.”
Workarounds include hiring support staff to manually install print drivers, building an in-house deployment tool, or buying additional software to manage print queue deployment.
PaperCut 19.1's Print Deploy feature is intended to solve these issues.

Printer Benchmark : PaperCut Solves Print Queue Deployment with New Release 19.1

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