New Xerox inkjet press - Baltoro HF

04 July 2019

Xerox Corporation are launching a new cut-sheet inkjet press to replace and fill the same space as their Brenva range, the Baltoro High Fusion Inkjet Press, known as the "Baltoro HF."  Xerox have already discontinued manufacture of the Brenva, and sold out their stocks.  
In late June, Xerox brought production print customers and selected analysts from all over the world into Webster, NY USA for their biggest launch in years.  DataMaster's agent for North America, Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts Inc was invited to this very special briefing.  Chris Irick, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager presented the new machines.  Xerox claim not be catching up with their competitors in production inkjet - but leapfrogging over them.  
Although a direct descendant of iGen and Brenva, Baltoro HF is an all-new print engine - and the print heads are made by Xerox.  The entire machine is all Xerox.  "Engine to frame, that's us," said Irick with pride.  Xerox has designed and manufactured the full-width High-Fusion W-series printheads.  They have even OEM'd them to other manufacturers in mutiple spaces, such as textile printing.  For the Baltoro HF, the W-series head are set to 4.5 picolitre drops.  The resolution is true 1200x1200, not interpolated or perceived - and in addition to the sheer print detail and hence quality, this helps in fault detection.  Drying is by Near Infra Red - which is a relatively cheap and above all compact process.
Key to the production process is Xerox High-Fusion ink (developed for the Trivor platform), and this provides Baltoro's versatility: the Baltoro HF prints directly onto a wide range of media, directly WITHOUT a priming crutch; no coating or intermediary transfer required.
Apart from the new heads and the ink, Xerox have made other changes over their Brenva engine, aiming at improved quality and above all reliability - maximum uptime for the customer.  Among many innovations, the ink reservoirs have migrated to the bottom of the engine, removing the need for multiple pumps. The paper path is straight, and vacuum-assisted - delivering the same high degree of registration that the iGen delivers.   
Xerox claim to have a "Best in class" engine, but also highlight the degree of business productivity selecting Baltoro HF can bring.  Here AI stands for Automated Intelligence, and means the Xerox FreeFlow Core 
ported from iGen and Brevda will deliver the very same production process as its predecessors.  Onoarding is swift and easy.  Print professionals can turn to this versatile inkjet from their iGen with relative ease - counting on the Xerox FreeFlow server to make the production and other business processes feel the same.
Relatively small at 6m80 / 22 feet long, 1m65 / 5ft4 deep and 6ft9 / 2m05 high, competitively priced (at least at entry level) and above all 100% Xerox, the Baltoro is intended to rejuvenate Xerox' production sales worldwide.  
To sum up, some specs:
  • Resolution: 1200×1200 dpi – real, not perceived
  • Page size: max sheet size 14.33 x 20.5 inches (364 mm x 520 mm)
  • Media: 60 to 270 gsm (16# bond – 100# cover) uncoated plain, inkjet treated, inkjet coated and offset coated
  • No precoat: Direct to media printing without additional fluids
  • Productivity: Up to 182 images per minute simplex, 271 duplex. Productivity varies by sheet size with a maximum throughput of 302 IPM on an 11×17 sheet.  This requires a software patch (nothing mechanical) - but gives the productivity of two iGens for an additional 15% on the price of the basic Baltoro HF offering.
  • Executive Black mode: Black-only mode that caps the CMY heads and enables mono printing with reduced ink wastage.
  • Signature Image Quality: Baltoro uses a full width print array to provide automated quality control of areas such as density uniformity, image registration, jet-out detection using “Xerox Automated Intelligence.”
  • Operator Support: Simple interface with the ability to drag and drop files to the press and queue while printing. There is no need to stop the program to add new jobs.
  • Color profile management: Baltoro can profile media automatically using a built in spectrophotometer and Xerox claims that profiles can be created and tailored in 5 minutes or less.

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