Epson roll out their 100 ppm mono SRA3 MFP for businesses

18 June 2019

Epson has just launched the WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590, a monochrome SRA3 13x19 multifunction based on their Precision Core inkjet technology.  It has a nominal ISO print speed of 100 ppm. The WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590 will be available from authorized Epson BusinessFirst Platinum resellers very shortly.
The new WF-M20590 - M stands for monochrome, C for color - can print in monochrome onto paper up to SRA3 / 13 by 19 inches and can scan in color.
The WF-M20590 is in the same family as the Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 and WF-C17590 which were launched in 2017.  They all use Epson's PrecisionCore Line Head technology, which incorporates stationary, single-pass stacked chips and generates 40 million ink dots per second for print speeds well above those of traditional inkjet printheads ink jet that move back and forth on the page. PrecisionCore is based on Epson's versatile industrial inkjet printing technology.  
As Epson are keen to point out, rather than upgrading personal printer technology, they are bringing industrial-strength print capacity to the office world.  They are coupling this tech to their experience in the personal and office printing markets - our test engineers will attest to Epson's strengths in usability - to deliver the first major challenge to toner supremacy in the office world.
The WF-M20590 is delivered with two black ink cartridges each with a capacity of 60,000 pages - giving the customer a total of 120,000 pages.
Also worth mentioning, the easy-on-the-eye 9-inch color touch screen and lighting inside the bins to help users load paper.  There is no option for a fax.  The WF-M20590 consules a maximum of 300 watts, about a tenth of that consumed by 100 ppm toner devices, and about a third of this machine's natural competitors in the 40 or 50 ppm segments.  Warm up time is close to zero. The WF-M20590 is also compatible with a full range of Epson solutions and Epson partner solutions such as PaperCut.

Printer Benchmark : Epson roll out their 100 ppm mono SRA3 MFP for businesses

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