RISO target the production market with its new brand, VALEZUS

09 September 2019

RISO has announced the launch of VALEZUS, a new brand of high-speed ink-jet printers for the production-printing market. RISO will start with successive rollouts worldwide of the new brand’s first product, the VALEZUS T2100, a high-speed, cut-sheet SRA3 printer.
One of RISO’s strengths is the development of inks optimized for high-speed paper feeding and high-speed printing. This enables RISO to deliver high-volume printing solutions.  Based on these technologies, RISO is launching the VALEZUS brand targeting the production-printing market.
The first product of the new brand, the VALEZUS T2100 is a high-speed full-color cut-sheet inkjet printer. By connecting two printer engines to print the front then the back-side, the VALEZUS T2100 achieves duplex printing speed of up to 320ppm. The VALEZUS T2100 still has a relatively compact footprint for a production printer.
Oil-based ink means no drying is required, keeping power consumption down.  
The new machine is equipped with two all-new high-capacity feeder/stacker units, each capable of feeding and stacking up to 4,000 sheets (for a total of 8,000 sheets). The two units can be switched while the printer is running, allowing users to load and unload paper without stopping the job.  The stacker unit is equipped with a jogger mechanism and dedicated cart, enabling smooth transition to post-processing after printing. 
With the VALEZUS T2100, the brand is targetting high-volume printing applications, such as transactional printing at print service providers, in-house printing at financial institutions, insurance companies and government offices.
RISO will show the VALEZUS T2100 at the following exhibitions:
  • “The Print Show 2019” from September 17 to 19 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • “PRINTING United 2019” from October 23 to 25 in Dallas, Texas, United States.
You can view a 1-minute promotional video about this product here.

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