PaperCut release version 20.01, native cloud version out soon

04 November 2020

 The new release of PaperCut has just been released. 

PaperCut know that their partners and their customers have a lot of new challenges.  The global pandemic is pushing customers to embrace digital transformation, the migration of more and more services to internet-based servers from local "on prem" servers.   Also, Google Cloud Print has been "deprecated" - disappearing at the end of the year.  And Microsoft has released their Universal Print product.  

PaperCut 20.1 is a release addressing these changes, and includes security updates, such as the encryption of spool files.  It includes a data integration platform which can report to numerous business intelligence platforms.  Other changes are PaperCut's path to the cloud, with a service model.

PaperCut MF is still on prem, but PaperCut versions which will run on the cloud have been written from scratch, and will follow the full software-as-a-service model.   PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive are in late betatesting and will be sold as subscription services - monthly paid.  Another SaaS feature is continuous deployment:  users will only see changes appear here and there; IT services will not have to manage demployments.

With the per-page market taking a hit during Covid, the savings print management can offer are reducing too.  But in an interview on, PaperCut’s Dave Farrell said that Healthcare remained a "bright spot", and that the education market was still buoyant, with many IT services investing in systems to cover the gaps Google Cloud Print's departure will leave. 

Printer Benchmark : PaperCut release version 20.01, native cloud version out soon

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