HP Inc A3 and A4 ranges tested at DataMaster Lab

07 February 2020

HP Inc have made most of their current ranges of color multifunction printers available to DataMaster Lab.  We have put them all through our battery of tests for productivity, usability and of course, print quality.
A strength of the HP Inc ranges is the similarity between very different machines - the drivers, the screen layout, the extremely useful "EWS" machine webpage - and of course compatibility with HP Smart and the wide range of HP apps and other software solutions.  This commonality of approach to features and functions helps users and support teams alike.
Full analysis of all aspects of these machines is available to subscribers to DataMaster Online ( - including full details of how well the significant PageWide Managed Color MFP P77900 series fared.
Worthy of noting here, among all the machines we have tested are the following:
The Color LaserJet Managed MFP E67600 series is a reliable workhorse, a highly productive machine in all modes.  It can scan 100 sheets of double-sided color image/text originals in 47 seconds, and the output scan file is much smaller than the average.  Print quality of tiny black texts is impressive too.
The Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87660's scan performance was even more impressive, taking only 34 seconds on the same test jobs.
It is regrettable that the following fact is worthy of note:  these machines' print accounting is accurate!  Blank pages are not counted; black pages are charged as black, and color as color, in both copy and print modes.  
If you knew how many machines are not entirely accurate as regards print accounting, you might be surprised, shocked - or maybe, delighted - depending on your perspective.
DataMaster Lab's analyzes and evaluations are fully independent.  The results, certificates and full reports are available on your DMO benchmark portal.

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HP LaserJet E87660dnCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77940dnCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77940dn+CertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77940dnsCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77950dnCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77950dn+Certificate
HP PageWide P77950dnsCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77960dnCertificateRosette
HP PageWide P77960dn+Certificate
HP PageWide P77960dnsCertificateRosette
Printer Benchmark : HP Inc A3 and A4 ranges tested at DataMaster Lab

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