Epson launch two all-new fast A4 office MFPs

08 April 2024

Extending the AM-C family to A4, Epson are launching two new fast A4 office multifunction printers, the 40 pages-per-minute WorkForce Enterprise​ AM-C400 and the 55 ppm AM-C550.  Up to now, Epson's fastest A4 machine has been a 25 ppm machine. 

The new models mean Epson now offers AM-C inkjet alternatives for all segments of the office market. 

These two new A4 machines compliment the AM-C range, and follow the success of the last range of WorkForce Enterprise A3 PrecisionCore machines, the 40 ppm AM-C4000, 50 ppm AM-C5000 and 60 ppm AM-C6000.  
The print motors all are based on Epson's heat-free PrecisionCore print head technology, meaning they have exemplary environmental credentials.  These new A4 machines also benefit from several new Epson innovations including the "C" shaped paper path, which enhances productivity and means the machines can be very compact, smaller than most of their competitors.  

Epson are highlighting the environmental credentials of the new A4 machines.  The AM-C400 consumes just 84 Watts when it is printing, and the faster AM-C550 just 86W.  Competing A4 laser/toner multifunction printers use about five times as much electricity when they are running.  Ink cartridge lifetimes of 31,500 (black) and 28,000 (CMY) pages are double those of their nearest laser competitor's toner cartridges and more than ten times that of some.  Changing consumables is not just a pain for end users; it also impacts the overall carbon footprint of the machines, so these very high capacities are as significant as the low electrical consumption in terms of the reduced environmental impact these machines will have.
The 100-sheet document feeder runs at 50 sheets per minute, and can scan both sides of those sheets in a single pass without slowing down.  100 images per minute in duplex mode beats most of the competition.  Like all Epson MFPs, users can run very complex scan jobs and even set up batch jobs using Epson's scanner management software, Document Capture Pro.
With the optional three additional paper trays, the AM-C400 and AM-C550 can have a paper capacity of 2,100 sheets.  They are inkjets, so there's no warm-up time.  Their first-page-out times from cold will be very difficult to beat.  The new machines have the same tablet-style 10.1-inch (25.7 cm) interface, and all the connectivity and software compatibility of the A3 AM-C machines.  Like their A3 stablemates can have embedded OCR as an option. They come with free software such as Document Capture Pro and Epson Device Admin, and they are fully compatible with many other solutions too. 
Both the AM-C400 and AM-C550 will be put through the whole DataMaster Lab suite of productivity, quality and usability tests in May.
Subscribers to DataMaster Online can compare all the features of these machines against their competitors, and see all their strengths and weaknesses in a glance using our Smart and Winner comparison tools.

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Printer Benchmark : Epson launch two all-new fast A4 office MFPs

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