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PrintManager is an MIS system with Prepress and Web to Print features developed by Infosystems of Warsaw, Poland. A gold-certified Microsoft partner, Infosystems approach is to integrate their modules with a print provider's existing systems.

The PrintManager suite covers most of a commercial printer's activity.

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On DataMaster Online you can find all the technical and marketing information on Software Solutions for Document capture, Document and Content management, Print accounting and Device management, MPS apps and apps available on copier interfaces. On DataMaster Online you can compare PrintManager with its competitors. DMO compares Software Solutions for Document capture, Document management, Content management, Print accounting and Device management and MPS apps. DMO gives you all the technical requirements and technical information on the features and functions of PrintManager as well as its competition. All the features and functions, installation requirements and licensing details of PrintManager. Benchmarking PrintManager : reports and evaluations of PrintManager and its competitors. Easy-to-use comparison tools for PrintManager as well as its competition. On the DMO Benchmarking portal you will also find full details of compatibility of PrintManager with every copier, MFP and printer on the market.

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DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.
From machines to software products we analyze, test and evaluate features and functions, usability, security, productivity, connectivity, flexibility, compatibility, and much more - all in real-world, business scenarios and in the context of this rapidly evolving market.
Totally independent, we provide you with an objective and critical view.

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