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DataMaster is the international website of DataMaster. DataMaster provides testing and benchmarking services - to help you find out more about software Solutions.

DataMaster Online (DMO)

DMO Solutions forms part of our subscriber-only portal.  It lists all the software solutions in the imaging marketplace. 
With DMO Solutions, you get our own product descriptions, features and functions and full machine compatibility information. 
A simple search in our database is a quick way to get the reliable and detailed information you need.
Premium subscribers can compare detailed analyses of features and functions, side by side.

The software solutions covered in our database are from the Office and Digital Printing worlds - for instance:

Enterprise Content Management Document Capture
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems manage texts and information - content - as well as pdfs and other documents. ECM includes Document Management Systems (DMS) which store documents in electronic format, but which can often do much more besides: managing document workflows, handling incoming and outgoing information and an organization's legal obligations in terms of document conservation and destruction. 
ECM covers document/content storage, searching, filing, tracability and access control, among other features and functions which DataMaster Online sets out in this section. 
Some of the main providers of ECM are Alfresco, EMC, Hyland, OpenText and Square 9, to mention but five of the many thousands of popular and feature-rich ECM/DMS products available worldwide.
Document Capture is often the entry point for content and document management, workflows or other management systems, and usually involves the automation of business processes by handling scanner output files intelligently.
Document Capture covers all the techniques for character and barcode recognition, including zonal OCR for structured documents.
Document Capture systems usually involve three stages: capture, process and route (sending documents downstream).
Document Capture systems can provide a means to automate and organization's workflows, and can automate multiple workflows.  However, since they do not store anything, they can only automate single steps.
The main developers in this area are Nuance (eCopy and AutoStore), Drivve and Aivika.
Device Management Print Accounting
Device Management systems are apps for managing (often whole fleets of) printing equipment remotely.
Some are aimed at internal IT or other technical support departments charged with supporting and maintaining printing equipment.
Others are intended more for external service providers, often supporting a Managed Print Services contract.
Others still are intended to help with print audits by discovering equipment on a network and collating technical data on what they find.
DMO Solutions allows you to discern between these types of software, based on their functions. Most printer and MFP manufacturers distribute systems of this kind, and so do Katun, Print aud and FMAudit.
Print Accounting Solutions include all systems for managing print costs, and the security aspects of office printing devices.
Because this kind of solution usually manages the print queue, they often handle pull printing and secure printing too.
Print Accounting functions include analyses of walk-up usage (copy, fax and scan modes on multifunctions), user quotas, cost recovery and least-cost re-routing.
The big names in Print Accounting are Print Audit, Equitrac, PaperCut, SafeQ, Pagescope Enterprise and Uniflow.

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