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DMO Solutions

Device Management and MPS
Dell OpenManage Printer Manager (OMPM) is a Solution for a wide range of companies. It meets the requirements for fleet management. OMPM provides IT m(...)
HP Smart Printing Services (SPS)HP Smart Printing Services (SPS)
Device Management and MPS
HP Smart Printing Services (SPS) is a solution intended to help dealers support managed print services contracts. It provides technical support and(...)

CentreWare Web
Device Management and MPS
CentreWare web is brand-independent management tool for output device (i.e. printers and MFPs). It provides the means, for example to configure error(...)

Device Management and MPS
PrintSuperVision is the Oki device management app. It is simple to install, and will run on client OS' such as Windows (XP, Vista, 7). It can also b(...)

KPAX Manage
Device Management and MPS
This product is only available in France(...)

Device Management and MPS
JetAdvice Manager is a cloud-based MPS solution, with several editions to suit different needs. JetAdvice collects MFP usage data from any brand to ge(...)

e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System
Device Management and MPS
TFMS was renamed e-Bridge FMS to highlight the use of the new Toshiba system architecture. It collates MIB data, even over a VPN-based WAN. Quite de(...)

PrintFleet Suite Enterprise
Device Management and MPS
PrintFleet Suite Enterprise is a set of applications for monitoring customer sites remotely. It captures, stores and analyzes critical print data. P(...)

Device Management and MPS
FMAudit is a suite of solutions from the publisher ECi Software Solutions. Operating in the market of independent fleet management solutions, FMAudi(...)

PageScope Data Administrator
Device Management and MPS
A utility which provides a remote administration interface for BizHub equipment, covering authentication setup, email address entry and the import and(...)

SyncThru Admin 6
Device Management and MPS
SyncThru™ Admin 5 is a web-based device management application which allows system administrators to find, configure, manage and track any printing (...)

Katun Dealer Fleet Management (KDFM)
Device Management and MPS
KATUN has been an alternative supplier of consumables for all makes of hardcopy output devices for 35 years, manufacturing and supplying toner and spa(...)

Device Manager NX
Device Management and MPS
Device Manager NX is a fleet management solution to manage and maintain centrally a park that can hold up to 5000 printing devices, even across separa(...)

iW Management Console
Device Management and MPS
Canon's iWC (iW Management Console) is a fleet management Solution which runs in a browser and which gives administrators advanced features to central(...)

PageScope Net Care Device Manager
Device Management and MPS
A utility which allows data on all connected BizHubs to be displayed on a browser: counter readings, system status, error notification. It also allo(...)

Device Management and MPS
KYOcount is Kyocera's printer fleet management Solution. It monitors, analyzes usage and manages printers, copiers and MFPs. All equipment of thes(...)

Device Management and MPS
Netaphor's SiteAudit is a Managed Print Services support app solution that is available in multiple on-premise editions, as well as in cloud mode for (...)

Web Jetadmin
Device Management and MPS
HP Web Jetadmin is an application for managing MFPs and printers on a network. The tool provides a means for administrators to update firmware, set u(...)

Device Management and MPS
This app for Samsung device management can provide the foundation for an MPS solution. It has many features, and many of these (generic MIB data manag(...)

Device Management and MPS
Archangel is a remote-maintenance system which links up Konica-Minolta printing equipment via the GSM network.(...)

Print Audit Facilities Manager
Device Management and MPS
Print Audit Facilities Manager is a printer fleet management tool, designed for office-market resellers, maintenance or service companies and IT dist(...)

Device Management and MPS
PrintAlerts is a cloud-based solution for automated remote management multi-brand fleets of printing equipment. It supports some remote control featu(...)

Fleet Admin Pro
Device Management and MPS
Fleet Admin Pro is part of Samsung's Business Pro suite. This suite includes solutions developed by Samsung that require a dedicated server. The Bus(...)

Markvision Enterprise
Device Management and MPS
MarkVision Enterprise is Lexmark's multi-brand device management application. Whilst a server installation is not a requirement for small sites,(...)

Kyocera Net Viewer
Device Management and MPS
Kyocera NetViewer is an application for managing network devices (up to 100 of them). User quotas, counter readings can be taken, status tracked, set(...)

Device Management and MPS
This is an internet-based assistance service providing automatic counter reading, consumables levels monitoring and automatic transmission of technica(...)

Device Management and MPS
KYOFleetManager is a web-based, multi-brand device management tool. A data collection app is installed on the customer's server, and this picks up (...)

Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM)
Device Management and MPS
Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) is a solution for managing remote printing devices via a web portal. SRDM is for managing and taking control of MF(...)

e-Way Gestion de Parc
Device Management and MPS
Specially conceived to suit the requirements of Toshiba's distributors in France, this new tool receives information from client machines, and manages(...)

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Canon announces the end of the Océ brand
10 October 2019

The Océ brand is going to disappear, with no more new products carrying that name after January 1, 2020. A new brand is born: Canon Productio (...)

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