Print Awards 2021

Green Award
These GREEN Awards are for the machines which, due to their design and manufacture, the technologies employed and their manufacturers’ distribution strategies, have the least overall impact on the environment.

This Award is not just about electrical consumption. We take into account accreditations for manufacturing facilities, levels of noxious emissions – and the nature and lifetime of a machine’s consumables. When you consider the carbon footprint of a consumable item’s manufacture, transportation, distribution and its final resting place in a landfill site, you realize that all consumables need to be designed with the environment in mind, and have the longest lifetime possible.

The winners of DataMaster Lab’s GREEN Award have the least impact on our precious environment.
MFP A4 Color, 20-29  ppm
MFP A4 Color, 30-39  ppm
MFP A4 Color, 40-49  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 20-29  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 30-39  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 40-49  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 60-69  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 70-79  ppm
MFP A3 Color, 80-89  ppm
Easiest to Use
Best First Copy Out Time
Best Scan File Size
Best Performance in Work Groups
Best Scan Productivity
Best Office Print Quality
Best Productivity in Duplex
Best A4 MFP for homeworkers
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